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What’s Your Story? 6 Tips for Telling Great Stories

"Once upon a time… "

"When you hear those words  you're transported back to childhood when you loved hearing a story. That love of stories never left us as adults. What left us was the practice of telling stories. As we developed our logical brain and entered the workplace, we valued facts and information. We learned to speak in soundbites, write bullet points, and get to the point.

"So why are stories so powerful? Because they talk directly to the heart. Here are tips to tell your story and move from speaking to the mind to capturing the heart."

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How to Be an Amazing Listener

"Good listeners attract people like an ice cream truck attracts kids. Why? Good listeners offer goodies even better than fudgesicles (if that’s even possible): validation, affirmation, and trust. In addition, skilled listening is one-half of good communication, which is the foundation of any healthy relationship," writes Ellen Hendriksen, PhD (photo, left).

"But being a good listener goes way beyond just not interrupting or nodding your head until it’s your turn to talk. Here are 5 ways to make your conversation partner feel like you’re fully tuned in to their personal radio station."

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7 Typical Writing Mistakes

"When your job entails putting words together at a breakneck pace, the odds are good that your devious fingers will try to put one over on your brilliant mind. Guest author Shanna Mallon details the seven worst writing mistakes you're probably making right now!"

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6 Unexpected Reasons Employees Quit, Even When You Thought They Were Happy

"Learn to spot these subtle signs to avoid the heartaches and headaches of sudden employee exits."

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For Challenging Conversations, Respect Melts Resistance

“The need for respect is intertwined with many basic human needs, but doesn’t receive…well, the respect that it deserves when it comes to workplace performance. It turns out, just about everything works a bit better when we all respect the respect deficit and deliberately do something to address it.”

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The Trap of Early Feedback

According to Seth Godin (photo, left), “We skew our thinking based on the first feedback we get. That’s the moment of maximum fragility, and so our radar is on high alert.”

“But the math doesn’t hold up, and this high alert can destroy our most important work.”

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The Secret to Sounding Smarter in Meetings? Ask the “Dumb” Questions

“Want to communicate more effectively? Then you need to ask more questions. Not just any questions will do; to be really successful, you need to ask the most basic, fundamental questions possible-in fact, the dumbest questions you can think of.

Why? Good question. Because the only way you’ll successfully communicate is by putting yourself in the shoes of your least knowledgeable audience member. To do so, you need to forget that you know anything and ask questions like these: . . .”

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No, You Can’t Ignore Email. It’s Rude.

“Being overwhelmed is no excuse. It’s hard to be good at your job if you’re bad at responding to people.”

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Fear the Conversations You’re Not Having

“Challenging management and performance conversations regularly run off the rails. They are often muddled, mixed-up, and monumentally massacred. Nonetheless, at least people are attempting to talk about the tough topics—even if things occasionally go cattywampus (look it up!) with them. The conversations I genuinely worry about are the ones that aren’t taking place. As a leader, just thinking about what’s not getting talked about ]should scare the daylights out of you.”

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away from Small Talk

"Casual conversations can sometimes lead us to moments of real connection. News director and radio host Kyle Kellams [photo, left] explains how."

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