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Acronyms and SMEs–Help!

Tim wrote today with an acronym situation he would like to resolve. What do you think about his desire to spell out acronyms and initialisms, even when writing for SMEs (subject-matter experts)? Here is his message: I read your blog…

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3 Times You Need to Drop the Act and Be Honest with the Hiring Manager

"You’ve probably been told countless times not to show your hand during the interview process, especially when it comes to letting a hiring manager in on other opportunities you’ve lined up. As a recruiter in a previous life, I’ve heard the gamut of textbook answers to the simple question, 'Where are you in your search?'"

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17 Proofreading Techniques for Business Communication

"Finally. Your document is just about complete. It’s been written, reviewed, compiled, and re-reviewed. With the final edits in place, it’s now ready to be proofread."

"Proofreading can seem like a simple task in business communication. However, the attention to detail and intense focus it requires means that proofreading is as challenging as it is important.

"However, there are many tactics you can use to ensure this task is completed well and effectively. This article highlights our top strategies."

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How to Change Your Pitch in English So You Don’t Sound Monotone

"You always hear accent and voice coaches saying that you have to change your pitch when speaking English. But.. What is 'pitch'? and how do we control it? No, you don't have to be a singer to change your pitch. You just need to learn a little more about your voice (and to see that it's actually not that complicated to change your pitch when speaking). Varied pitch created interest, and engagement and helps you convey your message effectively."

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Over Their Heads and Far From Their Comprehension

Marcia Yudkin’s excellent “Marketing Minute” arrived in my inbox today. It included an important reminder about jargon. Marcia gave me permission to share this guest post with you. ********************************************************* Over Their Heads and Far From Their Comprehension By Marcia Yudkin…

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6 Reasons Why One May Be a Bad Listener (and How to Change It)

"It may seem counterintuitive, but the way to achieve success is to make the people around you successful, says Fred Halstead, author of Leadership Skills that Inspire Incredible Results. “It’s not particularly intuitive; in our society we believe in ‘me first,'” he says."

"To help others succeed you have to become good at listening. Listening is more than simply hearing what someone has to say. You also need to be thinking how you can help the other person achieve the best results by carefully considering their words and asking thoughtful questions, says Halstead [photo, left].

“'If you just hear the words without hearing what the person actually intends to say, you will miss the opportunity to gain the essential clarity and results you seek,' he says."

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Cuba Is Complicated, But Writing Should Not Be

Cuba is complicated. That’s what our guides told us when we asked questions about how things work in the country: Es complicado. Salaries, food, ownership, restoration, politics, global relationships–Todo es complicado. But writing about Cuba should not be complicated. Writers…

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How to Be an Amazing Conversationalist

"Do your conversations constantly fall flat because you keep asking boring and dull questions? Find out exactly what is causing you to do this and start making the improvements you need to become a great conversationalist."

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Smart Ways to Handle Snark and Trolls on Social Media

"As a TV meteorologist, Emily Sutton has been on the receiving end of negative comments for a decade. Here’s how she deals with them."

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7 Lessons I Never Forgot from the Best Bosses I Ever Had

"A good boss shows you the ropes of your industry and guides you in achieving your long-term goals."

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