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Ideas for teaching business writing are abundant in Bovee and Thill’s Business Communication Blog.

Instructional techniques and approaches have taken on new dimensions due to the abundance of new topics now covered in the course, including digital communication, social media, and mobile communication. Bovee and Thill were the first authors to cover these topics in their textbooks, and they have a wealth of ideas to share with their readers on a regular basis about these topics, and many more.

The blog offers origial articles that help instructors focus their teaching to help students learn more efficiently and effective. Articles discuss a wide variety of subjects, including new topics instructors should  be teaching their students, resources instructors can use in their classes, solutions to common teaching challenges, and great examples of activities instructors can use in class.

This blog will help instructors keep current with the latest information and trends in the field. It will help with the updating of lecture notes with fresh material. Instructors will be able to enhance their research projects with the newest data. They'll be able to compare best practices from other instructors.

You'll appreciate the abundance of valuable teaching resources for your classes that Bovee and Thill provide. Visit these websites and take advantage of the wonderful classroom resources: Google+, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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