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Why It's Critically Important to Have Mobile Communication Coverage in the Business Communication Textbooks You Examine for Adoption

Today's students are holding the future of business communication in their hands. As another disruptive technology redefines business communication, Bovee and Thill are once again the first to respond with current, comprehensive, and fully integrated coverage.

Just as Bovee and Thill pioneered coverage of the social media revolution, they now lead the market with up-to-the-minute coverage of mobile business communication.

As with social media, the changes brought about by mobile run far deeper than the technology itself. Successful communication on mobile devices requires a new approach to planning, writing, and designing messages.

With in-depth, integrated coverage of the challenges and opportunities that mobile presents, their books help students adapt their personal use of mobile devices to the unique demands of business communication. Through a variety of annotated model messages, questions, activities, and cases, students will gain valuable skills in the art of communicating via mobile devices.

Here's a brief outline of their coverage of mobile business communication.

The Mobile Revolution
▪ The Rise of Mobile as a Communication Platform
▪ How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Business Communication
▪ Collaboration via Mobile Devices
▪ Business Etiquette Using Mobile Devices
▪ The Unique Challenges of Communication on Mobile Devices
▪ Writing Messages for Mobile Devices
▪ Designing Messages for Mobile Devices
▪ Optimizing Content for Mobile Devices
▪ Visual Media on Mobile Devices
▪ Creating Promotional Messages for Mobile Devices
▪ Research on the Go with Mobile Devices
▪ Integrating Mobile Devices in Presentations
▪ Job Search Strategies: Maximize Your Mobile

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To order examination copies of Bovee and Thill textbooks, visit this page.

As you examine business communication textbooks, keep in mind that only Bovee and Thill cover mobile communication.

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