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How to Change Your Pitch in English So You Don’t Sound Monotone

"You always hear accent and voice coaches saying that you have to change your pitch when speaking English. But.. What is 'pitch'? and how do we control it? No, you don't have to be a singer to change your pitch. You just need to learn a little more about your voice (and to see that it's actually not that complicated to change your pitch when speaking). Varied pitch created interest, and engagement and helps you convey your message effectively."

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10 Pronunciation Mistakes Spanish Speakers Make

"In this video, you will learn the top pronunciation mistakes made by Spanish speakers. You will learn how to pronounce the H, the difference between B and V, Spanish R vs American R, why z's sound like s's by some Spanish speakers, words that end with M and more."

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How to Say English Letters: American English Alphabet Pronunciation

"You have to use the alphabet to spell things out ALL the time! Your name, your street, a confusing word… but what if you struggle to pronounce English letters??? It can be SO frustrating! In this lesson, you'll learn how to pronounce the English alphabet letters clearly and I'll share a tip on using emphasis and pausing to make sure you eliminate frustrating spelling situations from your conversations!"

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More Help Understanding Native English: 19 Super Common Word Pairs That Reduce

"GONNA, COULDA, HAFTA, LOTSA- what??? Another reason native speakers can be hard to understand is we combine common word pairs- ALL the time! In this lesson, you will learn about 19 of these SUPER common word pairs. Knowing these everyday reductions can help you sound more natural and native in your spoken English and will also be HUGELY helpful when trying to understand native speakers!"

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127 Top Business Jargon Examples and How to Fix Them

"Skilled business writing rejects jargon. Yet, industry-specific phrases and buzzwords are very commonly used. Even the best writers can fall into the jargon trap if they’re not careful."

"Fortunately, by using the right perspective, you can be revise jargon out of your text or avoid it in the first place. "

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