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25 Smart Answers to Really Tough Job Interview Questions

Many job interviewers ask tough questions designed to trick you.

We took a look at some of the best responses from Vicky Oliver's book " 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions" for a better idea at how to handle difficult situations.


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Are Your Students Prepared to Encounter Artificial Intelligence in the Job Search Process?

"Are your students prepared to encounter artificial intelligence in the job search process? A growing number of companies now use AI (artificial intelligence) for recruiting and interviewing. more in Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition."

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3 Times You Need to Drop the Act and Be Honest with the Hiring Manager

"You’ve probably been told countless times not to show your hand during the interview process, especially when it comes to letting a hiring manager in on other opportunities you’ve lined up. As a recruiter in a previous life, I’ve heard the gamut of textbook answers to the simple question, 'Where are you in your search?'"

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Video Interview Platforms Make Headway Against Consumer Tech

Some recruiters prefer the familiarity of popular video tools, like FaceTime and Skype, but they may be missing out on the rich candidate profiles and analytics of dedicated systems."

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