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A Behavioral Economist Tries to Fix Email

When Dan Ariely, a behavorial economist, realized that reading and sending emails was consuming an ever-expanding portion of his time—Ariely regularly receives hundreds of emails a day, excluding spam—he wondered if there were something he and others could be doing differently in managing their online correspondence. What small behavioral tricks could he deploy to make the whole ordeal less stressful?

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Email Killing Your Productivity? Here Are 9 Ways to Fight Back

"One hundred twenty-six. That’s how many emails are expected to be sent and received per business worker, per day, in 2019. Even more startling? We spend 28 percent of our work week on emails. That comes out to more than 11 hours per week."

"While intended to be a productivity tool, for most people, email is a serious distraction that prevents them from getting more important work done. Consider that whenever you stop working on a task to check your inbox, it’s going to take you 23 minutes to get back on track. If you’re the type of person who instinctively opens an email whenever you receive a notification — how can you possibly get anything accomplished?

"The good news is that email doesn’t have to kill your productivity as long as you take the following steps."

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No, You Can’t Ignore Email. It’s Rude.

“Being overwhelmed is no excuse. It’s hard to be good at your job if you’re bad at responding to people.”

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6 Types of Emails You Should Be Writing

"I’ll cop to (possibly) having lost control of my inbox now and again, swamped by the waves of incoming missives flowing over the transom. Yet it still remains one of the most convenient and speedy forms of global communication," offers Michael Fertig (photo, left) in a piece at TheMuse.com.

"That said, we could all probably do less of it. Much, much less. But here are six email types worth the electronic ink."

Author bio – Michael Fertik is the Executive Chairman and Founder of Reputation.com. For more of his bio visit his website – MichaelFertik.com.

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