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If You Hate Small Talk, Master This Conversation Starter

"For me, there are few things more torturous in life than small talk. I don't care about your sports team. I have nothing interesting to say about the weather, and for the love of all that's holy, don't make me talk about the comparative merits of various afternoon activities at one more kid birthday party," writes Jessica Stillman (photo, left).

"So what can I — and all my fellow small talk haters — do to escape vapid chitchat? . . ."

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Your Students Don’t Need to Wait to Graduate to Apply Their New Communication Skills

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Your students don't need to wait until graduation to start applying their new communication skills. With Excellence in Business Communication's unique Apply Your Skills Now feature, they'll learn how to use their new skills in a variety of academic and personal scenarios.

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Fear the Conversations You’re Not Having

“Challenging management and performance conversations regularly run off the rails. They are often muddled, mixed-up, and monumentally massacred. Nonetheless, at least people are attempting to talk about the tough topics—even if things occasionally go cattywampus (look it up!) with them. The conversations I genuinely worry about are the ones that aren’t taking place. As a leader, just thinking about what’s not getting talked about ]should scare the daylights out of you.”

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away from Small Talk

"Casual conversations can sometimes lead us to moments of real connection. News director and radio host Kyle Kellams [photo, left] explains how."

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How to Be an Amazing Conversationalist

"Do your conversations constantly fall flat because you keep asking boring and dull questions? Find out exactly what is causing you to do this and start making the improvements you need to become a great conversationalist."

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5 Secrets That Will Help You Master Conversation Skills

According to Eric Barker (photo, left), "I’ve posted about the fundamentals of networking, and even how introverts can network but many people have written to me asking about the nitty gritty of conversation skills."

"What do you say when you’re face to face?

"It’s a good question that isn’t often addressed. First impressions matter even more than you think. And once they’re set, they are very hard to resist.

"Let’s break it down:. . ."

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