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Teaching Business Writing Skills with Full Coverage of Mobile Communication

The parallels between social media and mobile communication are striking: both sets of technologies change the nature of communication, alter the relationships between senders and receivers, create opportunities as well as challenges, and force business professionals to hone new skills. In fact, much of the rise in social communication can be attributed to the connectivity made possible by mobile devices. Companies that work to understand and embrace mobile, both internally and externally, stand the best chance of capitalizing on this monumental shift in the way people communicate.

Social media pioneer Nicco Mele coined the term radical connectivity to describe “the breathtaking ability to send vast amounts of data instantly, constantly, and globally.” Mobile plays a major and ever-expanding role in this phenomenon by keeping people connected 24/7, wherever they may be. People who’ve grown up with mobile communication technology expect to have immediate access to information and the ability to stay connected to their various social and business networks.

There's only one textbook author team addressing mobile communication in their textbooks: Bovee and Thill. For an examination copy of one of their texts, visit this page. Here an outline of their extensive coverage.

▪ The Mobile Revolution
▪ The Rise of Mobile as a Communication Platform
▪ How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Business Communication
▪ Collaboration via Mobile Devices
▪ Business Etiquette Using Mobile Devices
▪ The Unique Challenges of Communication on Mobile Devices
▪ Writing Messages for Mobile Devices
▪ Designing Messages for Mobile Devices
▪ Optimizing Content for Mobile Devices
▪ Visual Media on Mobile Devices
▪ Creating Promotional Messages for Mobile Devices
▪ Research on the Go with Mobile Devices
▪ Integrating Mobile Devices in Presentations
▪ Job Search Strategies: Maximize Your Mobile

In teaching business writing skills, you'll appreciate the abundance of valuable teaching resources for your business writing course that Bovee and Thill provide. Visit these websites now: Google+, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This sites will provide great assistance in teaching business communication.

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