Nine Thinking Patterns That Are Holding You Back and How to Stop Them

"The moment something unforeseen happens, we humans tend to slip into negative thinking habits."

"Not only do these thinking patterns drag you down when it comes to completing your goals — they can, in extreme cases, be detrimental to your health."

Nathalie Gaulhiac interviews Elke Overdick (photo, left) in a piece at

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How to Write the Perfect Headline for Your LinkedIn Profile

According to William Aruda (photo, left), "I spend a lot of time helping people improve their LinkedIn profile and align it with their real-world brand. And I’m often asked for examples of profiles that do the best job of showcasing their creator. Although there are very few profiles where every element is exemplary, I’ve seen many examples of profiles that are truly  transparent, real, compelling and differentiated."

"When someone is checking you out online, the four most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile are: . . ."

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